Balloon Headed Boy: Light Fun for Everyone

Balloon Headed Boy: Light Fun for Everyone

I’m a sucker for cutesy action games, so it comes as no surprise that I really like Balloon Headed Boy.

The story of Balloon Headed Boy makes about as much sense as these types of games ever make, which is to say that apparently Balloon Headed Boy’s birthday party has been postponed by a horrible storm of rain and frogs. (Yeah, I don’t know, either.) Don’t worry, though — Balloon Headed Boy is certainly not about to let the storm get the best of him! The object of the game is to clear all of the levels and to collect all of the balloons that were scattered by the storm so that the party can go on.

Gameplay in Balloon Headed Boy is pretty fun. As you go through each level, you collect gas from flowers (random, but a nice renewable resource, I suppose) which lets Balloon Headed Boy inflate his head so he can float around the level, and collect other balloons, get rid of those pesky party-ruining frogs and do whatever else he needs to do.

Once you’ve collected all the balloons in a level, the exit for that level will be unlocked. Now, AppCraver readers, I’m going to give you a helpful Balloon Headed Boy tip that I wish someone would’ve given me. Once the door’s been opened, you have to stand in front of it and tilt your iPhone toward you and back. There’s a graphic onscreen that shows this, but I didn’t catch on until after I’d pressed every possible button, cursed a lot, and uninstalled and reinstalled Balloon Headed Boy twice. Maybe I was just being thick, but if it’s not just me, hopefully I helped save you some aggravation.

Overall, Balloon Headed Boy is a really cute and enjoyable action game. The graphics and music are well-done, and the timer on each level helps increase the replay value. If you’d like to give Balloon Headed Boy a shot for free in the App Store.

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