Little Runner Keeps on Going and Going

Little Runner Keeps on Going and Going

Little Runner – Though there are a handful of simple, black and white line art games in the App Store, few are truly worth more than a few moments of play. Though I was skeptical of Little Runner because of its super simplistic presentation, it turned out to be a semi-addicting little game that seems to have some good potential.

Developed by Red Rocket Games, Little Runner features a little alien guy who actually power walks more than runs, and your objective is to keep his running path clear.

As the Little Runner guy is in continuous motion, you need to stay a few steps ahead of him. By swiping the platforms that make up his path, you adjust them to give him a continuous road. Some platforms go up, others go down, and it isn’t until the fourth level that you have to really keep on your toes in order to keep Little Runner off his face. If you leave even the smallest obstacle in his path, it’s game over.

Little Runner uses simple one-touch maneuvering to play and has catchy background music to keep the momentum going. Seeing how long you can keep Little Runner going is the only real objective, and while Little Runner is a super simple game to play, it becomes more difficult to meet the long-distance objective as the levels progress.

Though at present there are a few performance issues with Little Runner, including a painstakingly long load time and possible lags, it appears the developer is well aware of these issues and has already submitted updates to improve them. In addition, more levels and obstacles, as well as the ability to select a level (which is definitely an added benefit) are in the works also. For the attention the developer appears to be giving to Little Runner, I can’t say I’ll be deleting it from my menu any time soon. It’s fun enough to play as is and with improvements and additions, Little Runner could go a long way.

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